Collaboration and Development Contract of Algerian Heritage

(Atlas Shepherd « AIDI »)

  • I, the undersigned, president and founder of the KENNEL CLUB URCT Mr: KACI CHAOUCHE Djibril who holds the official and well detailed standard of the Atlas Shepherd « AIDI » which is the heritage of our country, classified among the 352 breeds recognized within our KCU  including the seventh (7th) GUARD DOG group at the level of the Shepherd Bouvier category under the  N°: 039 registered in Our Genealogical Canine Species Register as well as the Book of Purebred Origins.
  • The switchboard bears the official registration under the number: 04/16.04.2023D.
  • By this contract quoted above we bless « Alianz Canine Worldwide » to use our Atlas Shepherd standard « AIDI » in their international organization to develop it and present it to their judges, for  practice in their competitions and training.